DFINITY Ecosystem | SailFish: A Decentralized Finance for Everyone

  • inclusiveness
  • Open and
  • Equal
  • It will follow a constant-product formula which aims to maintain an equal weight of each token in a pair.
  • Liquidity providers can deposit any pair of tokens into the liquidity pool to start making markets and earning trading commissions.
  • Traders can swap between any token pair that exists in the liquidity pool.
  1. Deposit any pair of assets into the liquidity pool. If that market doesn’t exist, it will be created. In return, a new Sailfish LP Token will be minted and issued to the depositor. The LP token will then be used to claim assets inside the pool along with fees earned from traders.
  2. Withdraw LP Tokens which can be redeemed for the underlying tokens along with earned fees. This function will burn LP Tokens and transfer all underlying tokens to the owner.
  3. Swap one token for another, in a situation whereby the market is already in existence
  4. Get the latest quote For the desired pair and amount, return the expected swap amounts and average price.
  5. Get Pools and Retrieves information for specified or all liquidity pools. Returns token balances, LP Token data, and fee data.
  6. Get All Tokens and be able to Retrieve the list of all unique tokens deposited.



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